51 Langridge Street

Collingwood VIC Australia

51 Langridge is located in the historically and culturally rich suburb of Collingwood – a suburb known for its many old warehouses, industrial and civic buildings. Highly detailed masonry facades combining fine brickwork, concrete relief, and stone lintels and window sills typified most of these buildings. 

The building that presents a contemporary insertion into Collingwood, however, takes a variety of formal, material and construction cues from its many historic neighbours. 

51 Langridge as a highly sustainable and contextually relevant design promoting health and wellbeing. Initiatives including multiple double height gardens, extensive end-of-trip facilities and bicycle parking, prioritised cycling pathways, as well as solar energy capture, green breakout spaces, rainwater harvesting and a productive rooftop garden have been incorporated. The rooftop and all floors can be accessed either by lift or as has been encouraged, by an external stair that runs the entire height of the building.  

Externally the building and facade exist as a highly textural, fabric-like skin. A large corner ‘archway’ signifies a main entrance into the building and retail tenancy while the upper levels are characterised by staggered concrete panels that have been imprinted with a complex, woven brickwork pattern. 

To the south of the building, a bold green stair runs to the rooftop. This creates a signature gesture on the boundary side of the building but also contributes significantly to the ethos of the project – as a workplace that promotes a walkable environment, incidental exercise and casual interactions.


Pace Development Group

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